Australian Federal Police: Skills maintenance and development

Course Overview

AFP.SMD has been designed to meet the Australian Federal Police medics' need to develop and maintain emergency skills and knowledge in the field.

The two-day, hands-on course is geared at people who have successfully completed at least Level 1 of AFP medic training, and complements - but doesn't replace - existing mandatory training.

The program is designed to be as hands-on as possible, with interactive discussions, demonstrations, practical skills sessions and simulation exercises providing a memorable training experience.

Where possible, training is delivered in conditions similar to those encountered in the field.

FulcrumTRG tailors the course and skills to operators' current training levels and existing authorised practice. As well, if new training priorities emerge during the course, FulcrumTRG will liaise with participants and AFP representatives to modify content to suit these priorities.


During the course, participants:

  • refresh and update their emergency medical training
  • gain confidence and experience in applying their equipment, skills and knowledge in an operational context.


Participants leave the course with:

  • solid confidence and understanding of their field-ready skills
  • enhanced understanding of casualty management principles
  • ability to take their existing skills and apply them in an operational context.

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