Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)

Course Overview

This is a unique, two-day continuing education program designed to increase knowledge and skills in delivering critical care in frontline pre-hospital trauma care and the handling of trauma patients.

It promotes a multidisciplinary approach to managing trauma, and teaches students to manage trauma when there may be some delay in transporting to higher level medical facility.

Run by the Queensland Health Centre for Healthcare Improvement, this course is run over two-days (normally a weekend) at regional centres throughout Queensland and selected other interstate and international locations.


During the course, participants:

  • learn to identify the kinematics of injury
  • interpret signs and symptoms
  • recognise life-threatening injuries
  • perform appropriate interventions
  • identify trauma patient with multiple injuries.


Participants emerge with a:

  • simple, problem-solving approach to assessing and managing patients
  • team approach to managing trauma patients from the scene of the accident by stabilising life-threatening injuries
  • demonstrates how to identify, stabilise, treat and transport trauma patients with the highest level of care and gives them the greatest chance of survival

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