High threat environments: Field trauma course

Course Overview

Despite the best training, equipment and preparation, sometimes things go wrong. If your team is taking casualties, medical training matters.

FulcrumTRG provides intense, comprehensive medical training for field personnel who work in the real world. Our field trauma course, originally designed as a

military specific program, is now available to any personnel working in high threat environments.

Run over two to three days, depending on client needs, HTE.FTC combines theory with skills acquisition, and applies training to realistic simulations.


By the end of the course, participants can:

  • understand the basis of tactical emergency medicine and the phases of care
  • undertake a high-risk casualty extraction
  • control haemorrhage and support airway in a high threat environment
  • manage casualties in a semi-permissive or austere environment
  • splint and immobilise casualties
  • undertake rapid vehicle extractions
  • provide triage and immediate management of mass casualty events
  • provide remote assessment skills
  • understand the implications of CPR in a high threat environment
  • respond to blasts and burns
  • package and load a casualty for transport
  • provide documentation and handover to medical personnel
  • understand their available equipment and supplies.


By the end of the course, participants can:

  • Private security participants emerge from the course with the skills and confidence to supply basic emergency medical treatment in the field.
  • Participants can enact a phased approach to casualty care.
  • Participants emerge with the immediate skills for critical casualty care and rapid evacuation.


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