Military specific programmes: Advanced life support

Course Overview

A military operator using advanced life support skills can expect to do so in an environment with poor resources and limited support.

With this in mind, FulcrumTRG runs a three-day program that both updates participants' skills and gives opportunities for hands-on, realistic experience.

Working with skilled ALS facilitators, participants gain confidence in their own capabilities through accurate simulations. Many teams who complete MSP.ALS then deploy together after this course, and the

experience they've gained in working with each other and the equipment gives them a vital edge under pressure.

MPS.ALS meets Defence's requirements for medical officers, nursing officers and advanced medics to maintain adult ALS skills and knowledge. This course also allows participants to gain continuing professional development (CPD) points with the relevant professional bodies.


Participants demonstrate they can:

  • maintain situational awareness
  • prioritise care
  • identify and manage an airway emergency
  • apply mechanical ventilation appropriately
  • identify and manage a circulatory emergency
  • understand their team and team members' roles
  • understand the legal, ethical and safety issues related to care.


MSP.ALS meets the Australian Defence Force's requirement for medical officers, nursing officers and advanced medics to maintain adult advanced life support skills.

While individual certification is valuable, MSP.ALS goes beyond. It also gives participants valuable experience working in their specific roles, with the team members and equipment they're likely to deploy with.


The training was realistic, practical and enjoyable.
The information that was passed on was current and up to date. Everything on the course was awesome.
All the training conducted was excellent and worthwhile. I gained a huge amount out of the course. The instructors were knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
All health professionals would benefit from the course. It's the best ALS course I have done in both military and civilian settings.

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