Military specific programmes: Field trauma course

Course Overview

MSP.FTC takes traditional emergency pre-hospital care training and applies it to established Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) principles.

Traditional emergency medicine models make core assumptions of limited usefulness in a combat environment, including that site security and rapid access to definitive care are available. In a combat environment, the opposite can often be true.

MSP.FTC offers medical emergency management plans suited to the different tactical phases or zones that occur during combat operations. It assumes that, in a complex war zone, there is no definable frontline and all military health care providers could find themselves rendering care under fire.

This mid-level training is designed for combat first aiders (CFAs), medics, nursing and medical officers who may find themselves delivering care during or close to combat operations. Run over three days, this course provides instruction, practice and experiential learning to allow each health care provider to best apply their abilities within a combat environment.

Each participant is expected to have completed relevant basic training and have pre-existing competence in the emergency delivery of health care.


Through the course, participants:

  • learn and apply a phased or zonal approach to providing medical care in a combat setting
  • refresh and update their emergency pre-hospital care skills within a combat context
  • update and apply field triage concepts in a high demand, resource-poor environment
  • gain experience and confidence in using available medical resources in hostile conditions
  • experience, as individuals and teams, invaluable learning opportunities in realistic field environments
  • undertake competency assessment, where required.


  • The course can be used for ongoing competency assessment, in line with professional development requirements.
  • Participants gain knowledge and experience in TCCC principles, enabling greater interoperability with other international military health teams.


The scenarios were of a higher standard and practicality than any other course run before.
We need more of this training!
This excellent course should be introduced Defence-wide.

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