Non-government organisations: Humanitarian assistance operations

Course Overview

Based on training provided to the Australian military, this two-day course introduces participants to humanitarian operations in complex emergencies.

While touching on all major sectors of emergency assistance, the course focuses heaviest on health, water and sanitation, and nutrition

Modules covering the field management of obstetric and paediatric emergencies can be included on request.

The training is intensely practical, using a problem-based learning approach.


  • Participants become familiar with humanitarian assistance literature, models and processes.
  • The course enables participants to be skilled in understanding dominant sectors and philosophies within humanitarian assistance, and how to obtain resources as needed.


  • Participants are aware of how to develop a disaster management plan focusing on the dominant sectors of humanitarian assistance:
    • water and sanitation
    • nutrition
    • shelter and non-food items
    • health.

  • Participants understand the principles of immediate management of common paediatric and obstetric emergencies.

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