Non-government organisations: Field trauma course

Course Overview

Most civilian medical personnel are ill prepared to manage casualties in a high threat environment. But, like military and private security personnel, NGO personnel can find themselves involved in the conflicts to which they're responding.

NGO.FTC provides instruction and realistic experiences to help personnel be ready to achieve the best possible outcomes and results for both their patients and themselves.

Run over two to three days, this course is based on pre-deployment training we provide Australian Defence Force health professionals.


Through the course, participants:

  • update and apply field triage concepts in a high demand, resource-poor environment
  • gain experience and confidence in using available medical resources in difficult conditions
  • experience, as individuals and teams, invaluable learning opportunities in realistic field environments
  • undertake competency assessment, where required.


  • The course can be used for ongoing competency assessment in line with professional development requirements.
  • Participants gain knowledge and experience in pre-hospital trauma management.
  • NGOs are prepared to manage trauma within a high threat environment.

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