Non-government organisations: Extended care course

Course Overview

This training - based on the training we provide to Australian Federal Police medics - helps participants develop critical casualty care in remote, resource-poor areas.

Specifically, it helps NGO staff develop the knowledge and skills they need to care for casualties in isolated

setting for extended periods and to provide primary health care for personnel in remote settings.

The two-day course can be tailored to suit the existing clinical practice of participants and includes a strong theoretical component, with applications practised through skills stations and demonstrations.


Through the course, participants:

  • establish a knowledge base for caring for patients in austere settings for extended periods
  • develop care modalities and options based on available equipment
  • establish and embed documentation procedures for caring for patients in the field
  • learn best practice to provide medical support to personnel within remote settings
  • experience practical application of theory through skills stations and demonstrations.


  • Participants learn to care for patients in harsh settings for extended periods.
  • NGO staff also learn to provide primary healthcare for individuals within remote environments.
  • FulcrumTRG works with relevant authorities and NGO staff to recommend additional equipment and medications to support NGO personnel capabilities.

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