Course Design

We design our courses around the understanding that most people operate with good basic theoretical training and skills but may have a critical skills and knowledge gap that becomes evident only in the field.

So our courses are designed around a principle of uncover and discover. We want participants to rapidly uncover what gaps exist in their knowledge - and then discover in their training the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to respond with real skills in the real world. We bridge the gap.

Our training is world class, with courses that are confronting and realistic.

Each of our courses is:

  • experiential
  • practical, with skills stations to test and refresh knowledge
  • highly comprehensive and detailed
  • strongly research-based
  • reflective of multiple learning styles
  • intensely realistic through complex, challenging scenarios and simulations
  • insightful, with a solid understanding of what each participant could face.

Our courses are part of compulsory professional development for many sectors, including general practitioners. We are accredited and endorsed by: